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Audiometry In Vellore


An audiometry exam evaluates your hearing ability. The loudness (intensity) of sounds and the speed at which sound waves vibrate varies (tone). Sound waves stimulate the inner ear nerves, which causes hearing. The sound then gets to the brain via nerve connections. The ear canal, eardrum, and middle ear bones can all carry sound waves to the inner ear (air conduction). They can also pass through and behind the ear's bones (bone conduction).

The goal of the scan is to find any serious physical abnormalities in the developing infant. The scan can be used as a dating scan, in which a black and white 2-dimensional (2-D) image of the baby in the womb is obtained. At 20 weeks, this image reveals the baby's face and hands, giving the healthcare professional (a sonographer) a sense of what's going on within. This is absolutely thrilling!

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